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SRG 3150 D/DN

SRG 3150 D/DN

SRG 3150 D/DN
Brand: Samyung
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 Compliant with ITU, IMO and GMDSS standard.
 Adoption of new conceptual SYNTHESIZER technology improves voice quality, no-nosie.
 Compact size and simplified key and dial enables to operate efficiently.
 Realization of dual display for NBDP terminal and SRG-3150DN makes it easier to read data.
 Designed DSC and W/K receiver built-in integrated transceiver.
 Available rapid scanning for the variation of trnsmitting power, frequencies and channel by group or individual.
 High stability for frequency with 10Hz Step Synthesizer.
 Storing up to 100 transmitted message(editable).
 Storing up to 100 received message. (50 messages for distress and 50 for ordinary)
 Self-diagnosis function for easy maintenance.
 Speaker built-in. (external speaker : option)

 Frequence range 
- TX :1.6~27.5MHz (10Hz STEP)
- RX :500KHz~29.9999MHz (10Hz STEP)
 TX/RX channel : ITU channel, 300 memory channel
 Frequency tolerance : Within 10HZ
 Type of emission : J3E, F1B, H3E
 Operation : Simplex & Semi-duplex
 Ambient temperature & Humidity : -15℃~+55℃, 95%
 Power supply : DC24V±15%
(2.5A at Reception, 15A at Transmittion)

 Frequency : 2187.5, 4207.5, 6312, 8414.5, 12577, 16804.5KHz
 Type of emission : F1B
 Frequency shift keying : 1700±85Hz
- Mark: 1615Hz,
- Space: 1785Hz
 Data transfer speed: 100 baud
 Frequency tolerance : 10Hz


 Type of emission and output : J3E(150W), F1B(100W)
 Modulation : Low level balanced
 Occupied bandwidth : Within J3E(3KHz), F1B(0.5KHz)
 Two-tone distress signal : 1300, 2100Hz

Sensitivity : J3E 3uV, F1B 3uV, H3E 6uV, S/N 20dB 100m/w
 Intermediate frequency : 49.455MHz, 455KHz
 Overall distortion and noise : More than 20dB
 Input impedance : 50?

 Protocol : 625, 476-4, 490, 491, 492-3 & F130 by CCIR
 Communication mode : ARQ, CFEC, SFEC
 Memory : 16M
 Middle range of frequency : 1700 Hz
 Modulation speed : 100 BAUD(ARQ, FEC MODE)
 Type of modulation : AFSK
 Frequency tolerance : Within 0.5Hz