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SRG 1150D/DN,SRG-1250D/DN

SRG 1150D/DN,SRG-1250D/DN

SRG 1150D/DN,SRG-1250D/DN
Brand: Samyung
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 Compliant with ITU, IMO and GMDSS
 Compact & transmitter-receiver with a built-in DSC
 Easy to read information with large LCD(10.4) for NBDP terminal
 Easy to read Rx & Tx frequency at a time
 Available scanning variability of transmitter output, frequency & channel
 High stability for frequency with 10Hz Step Synthesizer
 Built-in alarm signal(2182KHz)
 Storing up to 100 transmitted message(editable)
 Storing up to 100 received message (every 50 messages for distress and ordinary)
 Self-diagnosis function for easy maintenance

 Frequence range
- TX :1.6~27.5MHz (10Hz STEP)
- RX :500KHz~29.9999MHz (10Hz STEP)
 TX/RX channel : ITU channel, 300 memory channel
 Frequency tolerance : Within 10HZ
 Type of emission : J3E, H3E, F1B
 Operation : Simplex & Semi-duplex
 Ambient temperature & Humidity : -15℃~+55℃, 95%
 Power supply : DC24V±15%
- (2.5A at Reception, 15A at Transmittion / SRG-1150DN)
- (2.5A at Reception, 25A at Transmittion / SRG-1250DN)

Frequency : 2187.5, 4207.5, 6312, 8414.5, 12577, 16804.5KHz
 Type of emission : F1B
 Frequency shift keying
: 1700±85Hz (Mark: 1615Hz, Space: 1785Hz)
 Data transfer speed: 100 baud
 Frequency tolerance : 10Hz


Type of emission and output
- J3E(150W), F1B(100W), H3E(75W):SRG-1150DN
- J3E(250W), F1B(150W), H3E(75W):SRG-1250DN
 Modulation : Low level balanced
 Occupied bandwidth : Within J3E(3KHz), F1B(0.5KHz)
 Two-tone distress signal : 1300, 2100Hz

Sensitivity : J3E 3uV, F1B 3uV, H3E 6uV, S/N 20dB 100m/w
 Intermediate frequency : 49.455MHz, 455KHz
 Overall distortion and noise : More than 20dB
 Input impedance : 50?

 Protocol : 625, 476-4, 490, 491, 492-3 & F130 by CCIR
 Communication mode : ARQ, CFEC, SFEC
 Memory : 16M
 Middle range of frequency : 1700 Hz
 Modulation speed : 100 BAUD(ARQ, FEC MODE)
 Type of modulation : AFSK
 Frequency tolerance : Within 0.5Hz