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Brand: Samyung
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 Compliant with IMO regulations.
 Memory for Max. 12 hours.
 Alarm for designated depth.
 Can display position(Latitude, Longitude), Direction, Speed, Water Temperature When interfacing with outside input. 
 User-friendly menu.
 Can select depth display in remote(option).

 Display : 10.4”COLOR TFT LCD
 Dispaly color : 256 colors
 Operating frequency : 50KHz or 200KHz
 Beam width(-3dB) : 50KHz(28。), 200KHz(5.4。)
 Output : 2 steps(H/L), 600W RMS (automatic conversation according to depth range)
 Depth setup(m) : 0~20, 0~50, 0~100, 0~200, 0~500, 0~1,000
 Depth draft : 0~20m
 Shift speed(1dispaly/min) : 1/15, 1/12, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, stop(6steps)
 Storage speed and time : Min. 91min, Max. 12hrs
 Mark : Automatic & Manual setup (00hrs. 00min. 00sec.~99hrs. 60min. 60sec setup)
 Display of function : Sensitivity, Attenuation, Transmatting output, Time marking, Depth, Variable scales, Outside input : position, ship speed, direction
 Alarm : Sound & Display
 Interface : SAMYUNG, NMEA 0183
 Power : DC+12 ~ 35V
 Option : Remote depth indicator(SD-3000)
 Temperature range : -10℃ ~ +40℃


 Display(SES-2000) ×1EA
 Transducer(50KHz or 200KHz, 50KHz/200KHz) ×1EA
 Installation material ×1LOT

 Remote depth indicator(SD-3000)
 Transducer junction box(SJ-2000/4000)
 Temperature sensor